Our Go Green Statement

Set Linings vigorously promotes and maintains company-wide programs to reduce, reuse or recycle the „waste“ from its production process. In addition to these programs, energy conservation awareness programs are also enforced by Set Linings in its offices and work sites.

1. “Reduce, reuse, recycle! Energy Conservation! Please!” – this message is passed to exhaustion on specific e-mails, flyers and other communication means;

2. In our offices and branches, the installation of electricity-producing photovoltaic systems is mandatory to replace the consumption from the fixed grid and, when possible, to feed the grid with the surplus production;

3. The installation of energy-saving lightbulbs and fixtures is mandatory;

4. The use of natural lighting is maximized;

5. It is our policy to purchase energy-efficient computers, monitors and electronics;

6. It is our policy to buy remanufactures print cartridges and toners;

7. All computers and laptops must be set to go in “sleeping mode” after a short period of inactivity;

8. All computers and other electronics must be unplugged in the end of the work day – “Stand-by Mode” is not acceptable;

9. The habit of printing on both sides is incentivized. The use of the back side of old documents for faxes, scrap paper or drafts is also incentivized.

10. It is our policy to post employee manuals and similar material online, rather than distribute print copies;

11. We provide reusable dishes, silverware and glasses to our employees. We also provide filtered water to reduce bottled-water waste. We incentivize videoconferencing and other technological solutions to reduce the amount of employee travel;

12. We incentivize the use of alternative modes of transport and we organize car pool boards;

13. It is our policy to create and maintain healthy office environments avoiding toxic cleaning products, using plants which absorb indoor pollution. All Set Linings facilities are non-smoking;

14. It is our policy that old computers and other electronics with less than five years which are still operational must be donated to charity;

15. All electronic waste must be handled by a recycler that has pledged not to export hazardous items and to follow the applicable safety guidelines;

16. All paper, plastic, glass and batteries are segregated and collected for recycling;

17. The preparation instructions from the manufacturers of our construction materials are strictly adhered to in order to use only the necessary water;

18. The saving of water is incentivized among all of our workers through message boards distributed throughout the site and by mentioning it frequently in the daily toolbox talks;

19. The maintenance of our construction vehicles and equipment is done according to the specific maintenance plans in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions;

20. The reduction in fuel and electricity consumption is incentivized by imposing idle vehicles and equipment to be switched off;

21. Refueling of our vehicles is done in a controlled way to reduce waste or soil contamination (use of dip trays);

22. Any “waste” generated during the progress of our works (e.g. wood) should be minimized and if possible, reincorporated in the production process;

23. Any oils and maintenance consumables are collected for recycling;

24. All construction waste such as cardboard, plastics, metals, glass and in some cases, building materials is segregated to be recycled by competent recyclers;

25. We rehabilitate the areas of land used on the project for our facilities to minimize our impact on the land;

26. It is our policy to create a small garden next to every site office during the course of our projects;

27. The specifications and drawings in our client’s projects are strictly adhered in order to increase the efficiency of our client’s equipment and thus support him in the reduction of emissions and in energy saving.